Chairperson of SHI Speech at COP 26 -Glasgow organize by Global Green Young Green

Hi Greens

My Name is Ade Indriani Zuchri, Chairman of Indonesia Green Union, but im not young anymore, im 45 now, but believe im young if i standing between you , young greens , where have a amazing vision, awesome dedication to earth and environment..

First , i would like to say thank you to Jung, to invite me to speech with wonderful people here… im in Indonesia now, but i like around with you in Glasgow…

In this late night in Indonesia, i will speak about Green Philosphy , and why Indonesia Green Union to be a part of carying environment in this world.

Sarekat Hijau Indonesia was established to build a democracy system and a fair environment for all its citizens. Sarekat Hijau Indonesia works hard to ensure that the democratic and political life of its citizens runs fairly and without pressure, everyone must live in balance, justice and prosperity.  So that there is respect between humans and other living things.

When the world community in the 70s saw countries between countries competing to build infrastructure aimed at the modernity of their society, a symbolic beacon of a country’s progress, intelligence, advanced technology, then at that time a new beginning called advance country was started, advance countries were competing.  The competition builds many symbols of progress, so that they can be called an advance country, not left behind and super power.

At that time, differences began to occur, there were so-called advance, develop countries, of course with many criteria and paradigms, many develop and poor countries felt very humiliated to be called citizens of a develop country, the people competed  want to become advance and modern society, duplicating all forms of progress built by advance countries, without knowing what it means to be an advanced human being, or why so ashamed to be a community of a develop country.


Indonesia is a developing country that is massively pursuing symbols to be called an advance country, physical/infrastructure is pursued in such a way, lifestyle refers to the lifestyle of developed people, villages are forced to turn into cities, cities become industrial centers, which sacrifice a lot of wisdom and traditional local.


As a developing country, Indonesia has experienced a lot of fatigue, both as a country that has to work hard to be called an advance country, and also its people who have to continue to chase with all the stigmas to be called a modern human being, as a result, Indonesia has lost a lot of goodness from nature, lost a lot of love and grace from the earth and lost a lot of legacy that will be left in the future.


Villages in Indonesia, which were originally welfare havens, where people could planting, farming, gardening, and protect nature, were finally forced to become new faces who were hungry, greedy, arrogant just to get rich.  God to take advantage of it as much as possible.


Humans being begin to lose control over themselves, the imagination of modern educated societies, such as societies in America and Europe have destroyed their common sense to be kind and respectful to nature, nature has become a human money machine to satisfy all the unlimited desires of humans.


Because of the mistake and pragmatic view of nature, humans feel their degrees are much better and higher than other creatures created by God, if there are animals that interfere with their economic life, then humans do not hesitate to kill these other living creatures.


This uncompassionate human attitude is the basis for the work of the Indonesian Green Union in building a sustainable environmental organization, the Indonesian Green Union believes that humans must live in harmony and harmony with nature, reduce greed for nature and protect the environment so that it is sustainable, so that they can leave the earth and quality nature for future generations.


Sarekat Hijau Indonesia also understands that, there are many good things that nature has taught us and the traditions left by our parents about how we should treat nature, nature is the human body, where if we hurt nature, we have hurt ourselves,  Many efforts have been made by our parents in the past to maintain the sustainability of nature, such as the prohibition of clearing forests by burning, or clearing forests for non-living purposes.


This view and philosophy of green ecology, which is still developing and living in developing and poor countries, may no longer apply in developed countries, but the views and attitudes of life from people in developing countries have indirectly saved many people in this world, if the forests in  Developing countries have been exhausted like developed countries, then the destruction of the environment around the world will occur, views of modern society but destroying nature, or being humans who may be considered left behind but respect and protect nature?.


We are as humans being in this world owe a lot to nature, we have taken many benefits, but we forget to return it, so that why many damages happen, the natural disaster continues always approaching humans in this world.


The way of thinking of people from developing countries may not be as good as the way of thinking of people from advance countries, but the way of thinking that is considered poor is what has saved this world, imagine if all people in this world were advance people, they would be oriented to how to pursue establishment, while establishment is identical with symbols, there is a car that will consume a lot of emissions, a house that has a lot of air conditioning, or a lifestyle that is not green that will create a lot of waste.


Sarekat Hijau Indonesia believes that it is not being a modern human who has many assets such as a house, car, education which is an achievement, but modern humans are humans who know themselves well, so they don’t hurt nature with their hedonic desires, don’t take advantage of nature, except to use their academic intelligence to make technology, innovation and meaningful change for the survival of nature.


We believe that nature was created by God to guarantee human life fairly, not to become a human being with other humans to be different, or there are classes, some are oppressed, humans are born into the world to cooperate with nature to build a balanced and harmonious life.


As a country that still has forests, mountains, beaches, hills, rice fields, Sarekat Hijau Indonesia will work hard and earnestly to ensure that nature and this environment are preserved and passed on with good quality to future generations.


Let’s put an end to the view of modern humans and left behind, because the stigma will trigger symbols that will over-exploit nature.


Best regards and love to all of us,


Ade Indriani Zuchri

Chairman of SHI